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The Pensieve: Extracts

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The Pensieve: Extracts Empty The Pensieve: Extracts

Viesti kirjoittaja Athanaton lähetetty La Syys 05, 2020 6:15 pm

NAME: The Pensieve: Extracts
COMMON THEMES: Depends on each piece.
DESCRIPTION: The Pensieve is my personal collection of canonical short stories that expands on the magical lives of my currently active characters, though I may occasionally refer to those who have already seen their best days and retired to the sidelines. It works much like the Pensieve, allowing thoughts and memories to be siphoned from one's mind and, once poured into the basin, examined at one's leisure in a detailed and (supposedly) objective way. I have made this collection primarily for myself as I wanted to have one place for all my stories and write more for the sake of writing, however anyone is more than welcome to read it and enjoy it like any other fiction. Due to not being able to write very actively, I apologise for being a slower writer and not being able to write as much as I used to. That said, I hope you enjoy reading it and please let me know if you liked it!

The Pensieve: Extracts ITYqTqn

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